MX-15 HDi Turret for Sale.

MX-15 HDi (Serial Number 425801010) and Hand Controller (Serial Number SPAR-1256).

Former L3 Wescam demonstrator (Product data sheet). Also available, MX RAID equipment, full Skyquest VMS with 20" and 15" console screens, plus a 10" cockpit screen for the pilot, Skyforce mission system and an L1600 microwave downlink with two ground stations (one shoulder carry-able) with mobile site. Fully serviced in 2012 and found to be fault free. Current time in service, 927 hours.


  1. EOW.
  2. EON (Day and low light).
  3. IR.
  4. Laser Range Finder.
  5. Laser Illuminator.

Additional Features:

  1. Geo Pointing.
  2. Auto Tracking.
  3. Haze Penetration.
  4. Image Enhancement

Price: $550,000.

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